%HTMLlat1; %HTMLsymbol; %HTMLspecial; ]> Hyphenated


You might not have noticed be­cause your brows­er does not prop­er­ly support soft hy­phens. Or none of the words on the page needed any hy­phen­ation when you looked at it. Or the effect was just to subtle and nutural to catch your at­ten­tion. Or you didn't hear or feel anything spe­cial. But the page which has this button on it is try­ing to use soft hyphens to let browsers break words at certain points and improve the layout that way.

If you're also using soft hyphens on your site to improve the layout you might want to use the fol­low­ing code in your page to show the but­ton to let people know you're trying to im­prove their ex­pe­ri­ence.

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