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The Gothic Steam Phantastic forum is a Myrias-partner. Why do I mention this? Because it brings a lot of advances to the forum for you! And, because it is different from any other forum I know, it might confuse you at first.
Being a Myrias-partner means GSP brings in its own categories and boards like in any regular forum, but it also means that I can share other partners' or general boards, and those partners can share the GSP boards - a proces called synergy. So I don't have to have my own "off topic" forum - that one is already set up and run by someone else. If you'd like to discuss role playing games in general, you can use the partner-board I have installed on my forum. It's as easy as that and you won't even notice.
Oh, maybe you do notice, because the "inmates" from the partner-forum do post there, too, and they are not especially interested in GSP-topics so they hardly ever will post on the GSP-boards. This way, you get to learn a lot of people from all over the world!
If I don't host a board for certain theme, you can look for it at other Myrias-forums run by other people, with the same account, and if you like, with the same skin. So by logging in once, you can see an awful lot of forums with a multitude of themes. I will not mention the other splendid advantages of Myrias here, just go, register, and see it work for you.

There are supporters, moderators, global moderators and administrators who can help you if you are having general problems with the forum. See "The Court" and the "Impressum" for details and whom to contact.

Some more oddities you might run in to:
  • most users are Germans. They have access to the English boards too, so don't frown when they have unpronounceable names or signatures you don't understand.
  • many users come from the Earth Dawn (ED for short) forums - Myrias started as an ED forum - , or other fantasy-(game-) forums. This explains a lot of strange behaviour, I guess. But Myrias is not only there for fantasy, so don't worry about that, and just be yourself. Or your alter-ego. Or whoever.

There are not many English Myrias-partners at the moment, especially not when compared to the German forums. If you want to have a forum and help build the English community, see The Court for details on how to get it.
The German boards include themes like fantasy, role playing games, pets, pc's and IT, net-laws, cooking, literature, and more, so there is a big chance your hobby can get a forum as well.

More information:
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