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You might wonder where you ended up watching these pages. It’s a bit of a mix of several things, but you won’t find just any thing here - there is a sort of theme, be it that it’s not very clear what the theme is.

My site started with a presentation of my world “Daleth” - that’s why the short URL is still It was hard to put a title or label to that world, it was not fantasy and no science fiction. Some called it steampunk, but it was no steampunk either.
Searching for a way to label that world, I came across a lot of similarly weird settings, settings and loose genres that crossed every possible border and still had something in common, and I decided to devote the page to some of the genres of fiction that are somehow left out of the standard genres. The basic genre here is steampunk, but that involves a lot of related genres and styles, and they are presented here, too. It’s hard to place a name on the label though, and I think you can best explore the site to find out if it is what you like. Just a point of concern: this page is not about modern Goth culture; the gothic is taken from nineteenth century gothic.

The world of Daleth is still presented here, be it in a light version. The accompanying role playing game Intrigue & Illusions can also be found on this site. The rest is all devoted to all things steampunk, gothic horror and fantastic. There is a small community in the forum for interaction, there are links to sites with similar content, and the core of the site is the Information section where you can find columns, reviews and articles.

The very idea behind the articles is to provide and share information that is not found elsewhere on the internet. This information should be food for thought for anyone who works in the genre, be it as a role player, a writer, an artist or just someone who is interested. By tearing steampunk apart from it’s cyberpunk roots and mix it with insights from gothic horror and the fantastic, I hope to find different, unknown corners of fantastic fiction.
It’s not just information, it’s there to do something with it, and integrate the ideas in your own work, and discuss it.

In the end, it doesn’t matter in what form fantastic fiction comes, as long as it is surprising and gives “a sense of wonder”. Regarding this, the site won’t walk the downtrodden paths of epic- and high fantasy of modern popular culture. It wont look at space opera’s and the stuff that everybody already knows- and if, always with a twist.

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