(The Counting Device)

The Garatheins is an instrument to count the money with. It is an instrument with a handle or arm on the left, a couple of one-handed dialplates on the right and a keyboard in front of it. The actual apparatus is hidden in a box, usually beautifully decorated on the outside. The interior of the box can be reached by the small door on the back. To prevent to machine from corruption, the door is sealed by the Coinmasters of the Emperor.
On some versions, the dialplates can be viewed from both sides: one for the merchant, one for the customer.

When one wants to count an certain amount of money, the handle is turned. A small ball will be lift and put on a small rail in the interior. With the keyboard, the ball can be directed to the rail for counting kintus, assar, skilliggs or skatts. When the ball hits the rail, the rail is lowered by the weight of the ball and a small hand points to the right amount of balls on the dial.
If a 5 kintus-piece is counted, the handle should be turned five times. Five balls will drop on the “kintus”-rail. If another 5-Kintus-piece is counted, ten balls will have been fallen on the rail. Now the machine starts counting. 10 Kintus=1 Assar. The ten balls are too heavy for the rail, and the tenth will drop to the Assar-rail. It drops on a small metal plate, and will produce a “ping”-sound (Each rail has it’s own Ping-sound). On this sound, the operator has to reset the kintus-rail with the keyboard (and check the dials). By hitting a key, strings are pulled and all nine balls on the kintus-rail will roll back in the ballholder, so they can be used again. By lowering the weight, the hand on the clock will go back to zero (The key used to reset a rail is called the “Count Zero”).
When the assar-rail is full, the balls drop on the skilliggs-rail, and so on. The faihu-rail, which is the lowest, can be extended to count large amounts of money.
Each rail has its own Count Zero-key. Each rail has a subtraction-key too, but this can only be used to subtract a wrongly counted/added ball. The function of subtracting amounts is not developed yet, nor can difficult calculations be made with a garatheins.

For counting sizes, distances and so on, different garatheins are made. The money-garatheins is the most popular of them all, used in many shops, by many merchants, and in schools.

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