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Dustin Cur­tis is an ass­hole.

Sun­day 12 Fe­bru­ary 2012 16:04

For the ben­e­fit of the weak of mind it would have been so much eas­i­er to let Mi­crosoft win the brows­er wars ten years ago. That would have giv­en us for ex­am­ple a nice vec­tor based graph­ics im­ple­men­ta­tion, hard­ware ac­cel­er­at­ed graph­ics ef­fects and web ty­pog­ra­phy. At this point when We­bKit seems to have the same ad­van­tages as In­ter­net Ex­plor­er had ten years ago mon­ger­ing the killing of W3C is like sup­port­ing democ­ra­cy only to get into pow­er and then start sup­port­ing dic­ta­tor­ship. There is of course noth­ing wrong with dic­ta­tor­ship when you're the dic­ta­tor or part of it's clan. So buy some shares of $AAPL or $GOOG and start build­ing We­bKit only sites: there is noth­ing wrong with ven­dor lock-in if you're the ven­dor.

Stan­dards aren't de­signed for the cur­rent MVP de­vel­op­ment men­tal­i­ty of the min­i­mum vi­able de­vel­op­ers that most web de­vel­op­ers seem to be these days. If your only main­te­nance is­sue with web stan­dards would be giv­ing an in­tern the lo­gin to your WordPress site, you shouldn't care about web stan­dards and ven­dor pre­fix­es. And only the de­vel­op­er with a min­i­mal vi­able mind­set would in­ter­pret ven­dor pre­fix­es as be­ing "ex­per­i­men­tal", and pro­pose to pro­mot­ing them to have only -al­pha- or -beta- mean­ing. They are just a mech­a­nism for al­low­ing a name­space with­in the syn­tax of valid CSS so you don't have to split it at the MIME type. Which is nice in case you're work­ing on a closed sys­tem in which you have con­trol over both the ren­der­ing en­gine and the code it's ren­der­ing. And of course Ap­ple and Google con­sid­er the whole in­ter­net their closed sys­tem in which they soon have con­trol, with or with­out W3C. Com­bine that with a myr­i­ad of n00b web de­vel­op­ers who bet on hav­ing moved on to some­thing else when their stan­dards-ig­no­rant code hits the fan in a cou­ple of years, and Flash seems like a good idea.

The real is­sue is that with the pro­pa­gan­da of HTML5 as the set of new HTML and CSS com­bined with JavaScript APIs in a mod­ern brows­er it hard­ly makes sense to de­fine fu­ture HTML and CSS stan­dards from the per­spec­tive of a plat­form that lacks JavaScript. If oth­er brows­er ven­dors don't start sup­port­ing -we­bkit pre­fix­es any JavaScript li­brary provider could do the same thing by au­to­mat­i­cal­ly pro­vid­ing a poly­fill for it. If a site doesn't work with­out JavaScript any­way, the prob­lem that it only uses the -we­bkit ven­dor pre­fix­es is aca­d­e­m­ic.


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