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Roland van Ipen­burg
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Bad idea killer bin­go

Tues­day 28 July 2009 15:03

Well, wouldn't it be eas­i­er to just look at the check­list of 24 is­sues be­fore you go into a meet­ing and waste oth­er peo­ple's time with your bad ideas? Sure, dur­ing a brain­storm the rules pre­vent these is­sues from com­ing up, but that shouldn't fool some cre­ative peo­ple into think­ing these is­sues should nev­er come up, or every meet­ing they are in is some­how mag­i­cal­ly a brain­storm ses­sion, and they should be re­ward­ed for their ideas be­fore any­one is al­lowed to point out how bad they are. A third of the is­sues are just ques­tions that only kill an idea if the one com­ing up with the idea has no clue on how to an­swer them. Which prob­a­bly in­di­cates the idea is just from the bot­tom of the bar­rel, not a good idea, just the least bad idea be­fore a dead­line. What's the point of a meet­ing if you just seem not to be able to ac­cept that your idea can be bad, that it's al­ways wild and crazy and can grow, be­cause it's your idea? Don't you re­al­ize it's the oth­ers' job to not let you get away with get­ting paid for crap­py ideas? It's not Kin­der­garten any­more.

Good pro­gram­mers know they are crap. They've got test sys­tems con­stant­ly telling them they made some mis­take, use ver­sion con­trol sys­tems to find out on mon­day the id­iot screw­ing things up was them­selves last fri­day, and to stay in busi­ness you'll have to ad­dress those 24 is­sues about every minute. That's why good code is nev­er wild and crazy, or why pro­gram­mers don't fool them­selves into think­ing their wild and crazy idea will grow in a good way. Pro­gram­mers eval­u­ate their code con­stant­ly.

When do cre­ative peo­ple eval­u­ate their ideas? After they put them in their port­fo­lio and left for an­oth­er com­pa­ny? After they can blame the ex­e­cu­tion for im­ple­ment­ing it bad­ly? I mean, I have this idea in­volv­ing fly­ing pigs...

Via mon pe­tit vole.


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