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Das Wet­ter

Thurs­day 30 April 2009 23:34

Watch­ing Das Wet­ter with Clau­dia Klein­ert al­ways re­minds me of work. Maybe not re­al­ly work work, but get­ting paid to do some­thing on a fri­day af­ter­noon af­ter an out­door Suri­naamse Brood­jes lunch at Den­nis Fri­et­paleis with a cold can of Coke de­liv­ered to my desk search­ing for ap­pro­pri­ate con­tent. This kind of con­tent. First rule of pro­fes­sion­al blog­ging is to plan for the long term. So, while there are quite some hits for it on the youtube, don't cher­ry pick and blow them all on a sin­gle post (un­less the post is pure ge­nius). Since we were plan­ning a week­ly post with damn fine women telling us some­thing about the weath­er while men­tion­ing what the real weath­er for the com­ing week­end would prob­a­bly be, I didn't want to run out of them very soon, and to pre­vent jump­ing the shark at some point the qual­i­ty of the posts should in­crease over time. Sad of course I kin­da jumped the shark my­self and nev­er made it to the one I saved for the fi­nale. And only Clau­dia Klein­ert can in­crease the qual­i­ty of Clau­dia Klein­ert I no­ticed to­day.

Clau­dia Klein­ert Das Wet­ter

The real thing on a Sony Bravia looks even bet­ter. The above pic­ture is tak­en with a Sony-Eric­s­son P800 of the screen of the Bravia on DVB-T in the stopped TV mode that's pre­sum­ably made for this kind of use (a full length Har­ri­son Ford movie run­ning next to it while I con­struct this post), and then I gimped a bit with the col­ors to try to get the sweater as hot pink as on TV, but that's not com­plete­ly achieved and her hair got a bit pink­ish in the process. But I'm sure the weath­er will be fine this long week­end.


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