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Roland van Ipen­burg
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Bat­man Arkham Asy­lum Demo

Sun­day 9 Au­gust 2009 20:49

What's the point of switch­ing be­tween nor­mal mode and de­tec­tive mode? Two half-crap­py modes add up to one crap­py mode? To be fair, I don't like any­thing re­lat­ed to the Bat­man fran­chise any­way. It ei­ther takes it­self way to se­ri­ous or I don't get the hu­mor in it. But for a game that is based on that lega­cy and doesn't try to re­sem­ble the com­ic or the movies and is just a flat gener­ic game with the pro­tag­o­nist dressed up as a bat, that shouldn't make much dif­fer­ence. All this Bat­man stuff shoved into the game just makes the con­trols com­pli­cat­ed and not very log­i­cal or nat­ur­al. Also the look and feel of the Bat­man uni­verse is only there in the cutscenes and most­ly ab­sent in game. The game is just the av­er­age run through cor­ri­dors and crawl through ven­ti­la­tion ducts, but this time dressed up like a bald fur­ry. I didn't like Watch­men that much ei­ther, but if I would have to choose be­tween Bat­man and Watch­men, Watch­men is the clear win­ner.


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