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Roland van Ipen­burg
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GTA IV pi­geons en­cour­ag­ing un­nat­ur­al play

Tues­day 28 July 2009 14:08

What's un­nat­ur­al play? If you some­how pre­tend to be in­volved in re­view­ing or writ­ing about games pro­fes­sion­al­ly I doubt you're play­ing nat­ur­al. Even if you com­bine work and play you can't pos­si­bly keep play­ing all the games you have to re­view to the point where the av­er­age play­er is get­ting nat­u­ral­ly, or even be able to dis­cuss all the achieve­ments of all the games. But Dick has a point with the pi­geons. The achieve­ment is for killing the last pi­geon. The last pi­geon is al­most im­pos­si­ble to find. Even if the first 190 or so can be found dur­ing nat­ur­al game play, there is a huge chance you'll nev­er get the achieve­ment be­cause you'll nev­er find one of those last ten if you don't know where to look for them. And what makes that an­noy­ing is that if you just nat­u­ral­ly start­ed killing every pi­geon you en­coun­tered, you don't know where to look for the last one. Peer­ing down the scope of your sniper ri­fle you don't know if you just can't see the pi­geon from that an­gle, or it's just not there any­more be­cause you've al­ready killed that pi­geon. So to get the achieve­ment usu­al­ly means start­ing a new game with all 200 pi­geons in them and check­ing them all off from an on­line guide list, even if you man­aged to kill 199 of them dur­ing nat­ur­al game play. That makes this achieve­ment te­dious. While I think the idea of get­ting peo­ple to ex­plore Lib­er­ty City in more depth by look­ing for pi­geons in re­mote places and have them ap­pre­ci­ate all the work that has been put in all the de­tails of the city, mul­ti­play­er can do that also, and it would help if the pi­geons were also in mul­ti­play­er. And don't for­get you don't need all the achieve­ments. I mean, there are ac­tu­al­ly peo­ple who dri­ve around every race track with a friend twice, al­ter­nat­ing "wins" so af­ter about ten hours they both have "won" a "race" on every track and get an achieve­ment for that? Doesn't that just show the whole game score and achieve­ment sys­tem is based on who can waste the most time on a game?

Un­nat­ur­al game play btw is when you com­mit sui­cide as a way to tele­port to a spawn point to get some­where faster. I refuse to do that. I don't even respawn a dam­aged car dur­ing a race. Real­ism is more im­por­tant than win­ning.


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