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Roland van Ipen­burg
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Call of Duty World at war demo

Fri­day 24 July 2009 19:29

I still don't like this kind of game. But that won't stop me from rant­i­ng about it. So it looks good. Ex­plo­sions and smoke and fire and every­thing make it some ex­pe­ri­ence. But it's to­tal­ly not at­tached. It could be that the sound is flat so it just doesn't work. The prob­lem with a con­troller as op­posed to a key­board and mouse is that you can't quick­ly look around, so it's pret­ty es­sen­tial that you can rely on what you hear around you, and that's just not hap­pen­ing here. And com­bat is just mov­ing a point around and push­ing a but­ton when some­thing that moves and might be the en­e­my is on that point. It might be a re­al­is­tic POV but I still have the feel­ing it is aimed to much at gamers want­i­ng high­er res­o­lu­tion than their op­po­nents just to be able to see some pix­els move and shoot it be­fore they do. Be­cause there are no pedes­tri­ans. It's just your crew and the en­e­my that move, and the rest is a sta­t­ic map. And how your crew moves is a mys­tery. It lacks to­tal back­ground on how many there are and how in­signif­i­cant one of them dy­ing is. So in­stead of think­ing about what would be a good ap­proach it's just mov­ing in and killing un­til you get killed, re­peat­ed­ly. And since it's all pret­ty lin­ear it just seems like a very elab­o­rate ar­cade shoot­er. And what is the point of re­al­ism if that means you need an ex­tra granade dan­ger in­di­ca­tor be­cause it's near im­pos­si­ble to see or hear the granades be­ing thrown at you? And you can see into the jun­gle, but there are in­vis­i­ble walls that keep you out, so noth­ing sur­pris­ing can hap­pen. Shouldn't they just give up try­ing to cre­ate a first per­son bat­tle­field sim­u­la­tor that should be cool or some­thing?

If in a game I can't just grab a car, dri­ve to Alder­ney, grab a he­li­copter and get cre­ative with fin­ish­ing mis­sions, yeah, there's to much of a duty in it to be fun. If AWOL isn't part of the game, I don't play.


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