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Roland van Ipen­burg
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Thurs­day 4 June 2009 09:05

Are some peo­ple re­al­ly that stu­pid that they don't re­al­ize they are grind­ing? In GTA IV it goes like this: Most peo­ple play the mul­ti­play­er games with the de­fault op­tions, or just slight vari­a­tions on it. Blips: All, Po­lice: Off, Auto-aim: Al­low, Traf­fic: Medi­um. That's nice. But if you don't like to loose be­cause you know you are a los­er, you can al­ways host a game with a set of less used op­tions, like Blips: None, Auto-aim: Disal­lowed, Time of day: Night, Weather: Fog­gy, Weapons: Weak, Traf­fic: Parked. After a short while you'll be bet­ter than al­most any of the play­ers in a game with those op­tions, since oth­er play­ers don't get that much ex­pe­ri­ence with those op­tions. With very lit­tle ef­fort such a grind­ing play­er can win those games, since he will rarely en­counter an­oth­er play­er that is used to those op­tions: Be­cause not a lot of peo­ple play games with those op­tions, and those play­ers that do host their own games with those op­tions for their own grind­ing pur­pos­es. The flawed lob­by sys­tem of GTA IV makes it pos­si­ble for grinders to play 100% of their games in self-host­ed games with op­tions op­ti­mized for just their own ben­e­fit, win­ning those games with very lit­tle ef­fort and noth­ing ob­vi­ous in their stats that shows this grind­ing be­hav­ior. The lob­by sys­tem doesn't gath­er those grinders that like play­ing with cer­tain op­tions into one game with those op­tions so they can com­pete against each oth­er, it just lets them grind in sep­a­rate host­ed games and an­noy oth­er play­ers. It's like in­vent­ing you own sports and then de­clare your­self world cham­pi­on in it while nev­er com­pet­ing with any­one since you're about the only one prac­tic­ing it. That's a bit child­ish, but GTA IV play­ers are sup­posed to be 18+, which makes such be­hav­ior re­al­ly pa­thet­ic.

If I just made you re­al­ize you're a grinder with­out any skills and the il­lu­sion of hav­ing skills was the only thing that made your life look worth­while, please fill out a donor form be­fore quit­ting.


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