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Roland van Ipen­burg
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X-men Ori­gins Wolver­ine Demo

Sun­day 10 May 2009 22:07

It's like Co­nan, but then in Drake's For­tune's jun­gle, with the swords at­tached to his fists. I don't un­der­stand these kind of games. Am I sup­posed to find it cool or fun­ny when the en­e­mies get whacked with a max­i­mum amount of gore? I can un­der­stand some artis­tic vi­o­lence as­pect - as in Taran­ti­no movies - but the in­ter­ac­tion doesn't add any­thing. It's all canned ac­tion any­way, but watch­ing the Wolver­ine kind of vi­o­lence in a non-in­ter­ac­tive movie might make you won­der if you're not just a sick per­vert in­stead of a gamer. And I don't see the need to vi­su­al­ize every­thing. A writ­ten de­scrip­tion of vi­o­lence can be way more in­tense then an an­i­ma­tion, that at some points has to go into bul­let-time to show all the de­tails. A tex­tu­al de­scrip­tion is the ul­ti­mate bul­let-time. Ulysses is June 16, 1904 in bul­let-time. More pix­els and more rec­tan­gles won't get you there. Why both­er to ren­der a he­li­copter and some­body's head shoved into the ro­tor when any­one can just imag­ine what hap­pens based on just a few words?

But it might also have some­thing to do with the fact that I as­so­ciate X-men most­ly with a jet­streamed transat­lantic in-flight movie which failed to be in­ter­est­ing enough to skip a night of two hours of sleep.


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