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Thurs­day 29 Jan­uary 2009 04:38

The good thing about Spun is that it grabs your at­ten­tion when you flick through the chan­nels. The So­pra­nos does that as well. It's an im­por­tant part of get­ting view­ers on TV so I think a lot of shows try to have some kind of sig­na­ture that makes it pos­si­ble for the au­di­ence to rec­og­nize what show it is by watch­ing only a sin­gle sec­ond of the show, in­de­pen­dent of what sec­ond in the show it is. CSI has that pret­ty much nailed, so I nev­er have to see more than a sin­gle sec­ond of it to re­al­ize I dont have to stop flick­ing at that point. But as I said, Jonas Åk­er­lund man­ages with a lot of cuts and sun­shine and blow-ups to make you in­stant­ly think it's some­thing worth watch­ing, at 0:51AM. It's got John Leguizamoberg and Deb­o­rah Har­ry and a Vol­vo in it, which is cool. But in the end it's not re­al­ly worth watch­ing a 101 minute video­clip. It's to much a col­lage of el­e­ments I've seen be­fore, some in his ear­li­er work, but then also so the very same that it feels like he just used the same set­tings in what­ev­er piece of soft­ware he's us­ing to cre­ate it. Just like Kill Bill it's not re­al­ly a movie in a sto­ry telling sense, but a showreel of cool scenes the di­rec­tor has al­ways want­ed to cre­ate put to­geth­er in some­thing that fails at be­ing a movie. If I would make such a movie I'll put some­thing like that scene from some movie where Sean Penn falls smok­ing a cig­a­rette into a pool in it, and some­how make up some sto­ry where that would hap­pen, and bonus points if you'd man­age to get Sean Penn to play that role. That's how it looks like these things get to­geth­er, or rather not. It's an en­joy­able genre, but there are bet­ter movies that do all that, and more.

Tonight on arte: Sailor et Lula/Wild at Heart. IIRC that's the real deal.


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