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Roland van Ipen­burg
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IN10 Sail­ing Wad­den­zee

Fri­day 28 July 2006 02:29

Last fri­day the IN10 crew got to­geth­er for a cre­ative ses­sion dur­ing the day, and then head­ed north by coach for a sail­ing ad­ven­ture on the Grote Beer. The first night was spend on board and in the Ei­gen­ti­jds bar in Har­lin­gen, which was pret­ty sur­re­al. On board there was gui­tar mu­sic by Bas and Reinier and cool swim­ming in the har­bour. The ex­treme­ly warm weath­er made it at­trac­tive to sleep on deck, so that's what I did from around 4:30 to 7:30. Around 10 we left port and sailed to Ter­schelling, which takes about 5 hours be­cause the wa­ters are so shal­low the way to Ter­schelling isn't very staight but dif­fi­cult nav­i­gat­ing be­tween the dry banks. On Ter­schelling we got some bikes to do the GPS way­point search com­pe­ti­tion in 4 groups, which got pret­ty com­pet­i­tive. Dur­ing the cy­cling about the is­land the clouds got dark­er and the com­pe­ti­tion end­ed in the pour­ing rain of thun­der­storms. Soak­ing wet we got back on board to have a BBQ un­der an im­pro­vised shel­ter, and around 22:00 we were ready to go to de Stoep. With our group of 30 peo­ple it looked like we took over the place, but the place closed at 2:00 so we went back again. Some of us then ven­tured into the idea that there would be a beach around, but those that knew that would be just a cold dark mud­dy place stayed on board and played stu­pid games un­der the light of the Bran­daris un­til the sky got light again. The sec­ond night I slept on deck from 5:30 to 8:30, and the next morn­ing we went very en­t­hou­si­as­ti­cal­ly with Hein Strick on a bi­o­log­i­cal tour ex­plain­ing Cran­ber­ries, St. John's but­ter­flies and the very wel­comed nat­ur­al anti-headache flo­ra. After that it was time to leave the is­land, and af­ter a last dive near Har­lin­gen the sail­ing ad­ven­ture was over and every­thing would be back to nor­mal the next mon­day at work.


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Tues­day 1 Au­gust 2006 17:30

re: IN10 Sail­ing Wad­den­zee

Great sto­ry. So there's a nat­ur­al cure for hang­overs? Do tell.


Tues­day 8 Au­gust 2006 12:46

re: IN10 Sail­ing Wad­den­zee

You'd have to find a wil­low (Sal­ix some­thing) and suck the bark. (Which is prob­a­bly eas­i­er if the bark is first re­moved from the wil­low) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aspirin#Dis­cov­ery

The oth­er cure is of course more al­co­hol.


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