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Sun­day 9 July 2006 05:20

I don't even re­mem­ber when I start­ed this game, but it se­ri­ous­ly lacked scrolls of geno­cide and iden­ti­fy. For a pe­ri­od of about six months I had my brain eat­en fre­quent­ly by mind flay­ers, which meant like start­ing all over again to fig­ure out what I had in my in­ven­to­ry and what the lev­els looked like. The As­cen­tion Kit was there ear­ly in the game, but with­out the usu­al geno­cide of L and h things were te­dious and while I thought this Tourist wouldn't die, I didn't think it would as­cent ei­ther. But af­ter fi­nal­ly de­cid­ing to wish for a scroll of geno­cide and get rid of h, I mapped and digged all the lev­els and took on the Wizard. No dis­tasters there, only on the As­tral Plane I had to vis­it all three al­tars, used two amulets of Life Sav­ing, a lot of po­tions of Full Heal­ing and fi­nal­ly made it, 3th place. The serv­er has the sum­ma­ry and the re­play.


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