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Roland van Ipen­burg
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Rot­ter­dam - Kiel

Tues­day 20 June 2006 01:17

Tues­day to Fri­day I was on the Ooster­schelde sail­ing from Rot­ter­dam to Kiel. Around 8:30 we left from the Veer­haven and about 2 hours lat­er we were out on the sea and I was into the wand. At sea the tem­per­a­ture was much cool­er, so much nicer than the 30 Cel­cius on land. The af­ter­noon I did some off-watch han­dling of the stear­ing wheel, but af­ter din­ner I got some sleep to be pre­pared for my 0:00 - 4:00 watch. The wind had picked up dur­ing the night and the waves were get­ting no­tice­able, which made it pret­ty im­pres­sive to han­dle some sails in the dark and stear the ship past the flash­ing green bea­cons at 2:00 in the night. But get­ting clos­er to 4:00 the light­ing got ac­com­pa­nied by heavy rain and I made a run for my bed just be­fore the rain that we saw ap­proach­ing on the radar hit the deck. I slept well, but when get­ting up at 8:00 for break­fast the wind had reached 6 or 7 Bft and the ship was mov­ing in every di­rec­tion. The only way to stay com­fort­able was to stay flat in bed. The weath­er sit­u­a­tion meant we weren't go­ing to Hel­goland, but head­ed for the Elbe. Wed­nes­day at 16:00 I was out again to see how we for the first time killed the en­gine and sailed up the Elbe. From 17:30 to 19:30 I slept some­what to be pre­pared for my 4:00 - 8:00 watch, but I also want­ed to see all 100 kms of the canal, which we en­tered around 0:30 and left about 8 hours lat­er. It would then be a good idea to get some sleep, but the weath­er was per­fect and we could sail in the fo­er­den so I stayed on deck and sailed un­til 15:30. When I woke up at 21:00 I had missed din­ner and found out we were in the har­bour of Eck­en­fo­erde. That's where we stayed the night and the next day we went back to Kiel along with the Neustrashimy. And an­oth­er per­fect hol­i­day added to the list.


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