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Roland van Ipen­burg
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Week­end Dues­sel­dorf

Tues­day 9 May 2006 00:06

This time I took the scenic route and first wan­dered around Ven­lo for a while. Ven­lo doesn't have the ICE in­ter­na­tion­al jet-set trans­porta­tion into Ger­many like Arn­hem, but once every hour be­tween the freight trains it does have some lo­cal train to­wards the Ruhrge­bi­et via Moenchen-Glad­bach and Neuss to Dues­sel­dorf, which takes about one hour. I didn't want to wait for the train in Ven­lo, so I walked into Ger­many and got on in Kaldenkirchen. The ad­van­tage of pub­lic trans­port in Ger­many is that tick­et vend­ing ma­chines ac­cept pa­per cash, which makes it re­al­is­tic to pay EUR 20 in cash. (In The Nether­lands some junkie will no­tice there should be a lot of cash in such a ma­chine, so it will get loot­ed some way or an­oth­er, mak­ing it bro­ken al­most all the time). Another nice thing with Deutsche Bahn is that MacDon­ald's is in the sta­tions, in­stead of Burg­er King which seems to have a deal with NS. Vin­cent Vega didn't trav­el with NS, ob­vi­ous­ly.

Dues­sel­dorf is along the riv­er Rhine, and they were smart enough to put the road that orig­i­nal­ly ran along it un­der the ground, so now they have a nice recre­ation­al area near the wa­ter. Which comes in handy when the weath­er is as nice as it was last sun­day.


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Wed­nes­day 2 May 2007 22:15

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Wed­nes­day 2 May 2007 22:17

Queens­day on the K


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