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Roland van Ipen­burg
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Another Week­end

Wed­nes­day 8 March 2006 22:17

The good thing about my trips down south is that the busses and trains con­nect re­al­ly well at Utrecht, Sit­tard and Heerlen, but the bad thing is that that leaves me no slack to buy some brunch, and dutch trains don't sell much more than some ge­vulde koeken on board. So the first thing I did in Chèvre­mont was find a back­ery. After get­ting crois­sants I head­ed for the ger­man bor­der, wan­dered through the Worm Val­ley and even­tu­al­ly end­ed up in Grube-Adolf-Park Merk­stein and en­joyed the view from it's 245m. high snow-cov­ered halde. On the slip­pery frozen moun­tain track I re­al­ized it wasn't such a good idea to have bought the bot­tle of wine for AJ be­fore the as­cen­sion, but you nev­er know when the Getränken­han­del clos­es on a sat­ur­day af­ter­noon in Ger­many. But the wine made it to The Hague fine.


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