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Roland van Ipen­burg
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Smack My Bitch Up, The Movie

Wed­nes­day 28 Septem­ber 2005 01:49

That's what 20Lives feels like. Due to some buzz­word mar­ket­ing last fri­day in Wer­ck I start­ed play­ing as soon as I got home at around 1:45AM. I use the term "buzz­word mar­ket­ing" loose­ly here, be­cause it was main­ly the leet Flash de­vel­op­er of the thing com­plain­ing about every­thing that was wrong with it, IIRC. So I didn't whip out my iBook and ask if he had a WiFi avail­able there...

Fi­nal­ly home, I start the game. It starts of good and gets bet­ter from there. Only some time lat­er you find out the Nokia "Con­nect­ing Peo­ple" pay­off is very well im­ple­ment­ed. Maybe it would need some­what more game-bal­anc­ing, but the game­play isn't even that im­por­tant: the con­cept and im­ple­men­ta­tion alone is al­ready good enough to wait for the down­loads. Ba­si­cal­ly its in­ter­ac­tive fic­tion or a text based ad­ven­ture in the form of a video-rich Flash movie, but do­ing it in 20 parts, built around 20 char­ac­ters us­ing good ac­tors, script, lo­ca­tions etc. and mix­ing the parts so they are all sur­pris­ing­ly con­nect­ed makes it out­stand­ing. Tech­ni­cal­ly and in­ter­ac­tive­ly these things have been float­ing around for years, but Nokia is the one who seems to be able to pick them up and fit them all to­geth­er in one big event.

Smack My Bitch Up, as in Jonas Åck­er­lund's video.

And where is the Sanex for Men hid­den in David Ross' apart­ment? Do they serve ham in Mur­fi's?


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