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Roland van Ipen­burg
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Fact-find­ing mis­sion Botanis­ch­er Garten

Thurs­day 25 March 2010 03:10

At the Bür­ger­sprech­stun­de der Al­tona­er FDP-Frak­ti­on one of the Pro­ble­me vor Ort brought up by this old fel­low (so old his phone num­ber has only 6 dig­its) con­cerned the myth­i­cal Bo­ta­ni­scher Gar­ten. Trav­el­ling by S-Bahn be­tween Blanke­nese and Al­tona every time this place is men­tioned as pay­off for the name of the Klein Flott­bek sta­tion, but I had nev­er both­ered to vis­it that gar­den. So now I de­cid­ed to check it out, and hav­ing seen Moon­rak­er re­cent­ly might have had some­thing to do with it as well.

The is­sue would be that it's not that straight­for­ward to find the gar­den.

We ar­rive from the south side of the sta­tion Klein Flott­bek. It's just a sta­tion on the Al­tona - Blanke­nese line, but the dif­fer­ence is that the tracks are on ground lev­el.

Tracks on ground lev­el means the pas­sen­gers have to go be­low ground lev­el to cross the tracks to get on the cen­tral plat­form, and this cross­ing can also be used by pedes­tri­ans to get to the oth­er side of the tracks.

Pas­sen­gers com­ing from the plat­form have to go down into the tun­nel to exit the sta­tion on the north or the south side of the tracks. The el­e­va­tor has been in­stalled re­cent­ly. For the Bo­ta­ni­scher Gar­ten we have to go to the north exit.

You don't need to be Colin Forbes to see what is con­fus­ing here at the north exit. If you wan't to go to the Bo­ta­ni­scher Gar­ten, which way to go?

If you're in a wheel­chair it's easy. To the left are stairs.

To the right is a long slope for peo­ple in wheel­chairs to reach the Bio­cen­tre and the Bo­ta­ni­scher Gar­ten. But since it's the pre­ferred route to go to the Ba­ron-Vo­ght-Straße and the bus sta­tion for every­body it doesn't ap­pear to be some wheel­chair only spe­cial route.

At the top of the slope there is in­deed the busy bus sta­tion. But where is the Bo­ta­ni­scher Gar­ten?

The Bo­ta­ni­scher Gar­ten is real close, but if you want to get there you would have to try to cross the cul de sac where the busses turn, and where you could get killed twice by the same bus.

Back on the left side of the end of the tun­nel the stairs lead to the much cuter ze­bra cross­ing.

What the sign in the tun­nel didn't make clear is that peo­ple who are able to use the stairs should go up the stairs and use the ze­bra cross­ing to get to the Bio­cen­ter and the Bo­ta­ni­scher Gar­ten, and only peo­ple who for some rea­son can't use the stairs should go right, up the slope, then do a U-turn at the top and go back along the length of the slope to reach the ze­bra cross­ing at the top of the stairs.

Hav­ing crossed the street safe­ly we now have to find the Bo­ta­ni­scher Gar­ten. Which seems to be easy since there is a botan­i­cal­ly shaped sign point­ing us in the right di­rec­tion.

Another sign is lur­ing us in the wrong di­rec­tion how­ev­er.

Proud of their Bo­ta­ni­scher Gar­ten the uni­ver­si­ty claims they are also the gar­den. Which is prob­a­bly right if you're a pro­fes­sion­al botan­ic or botan­ic pro­fes­sor.

It seems that the uni­ver­si­ty has it's own en­trance to the Bo­ta­ni­scher Gar­ten, so peo­ple with the right badges can in­deed fol­low these signs and get into the gar­den, so tech­ni­cal­ly the signs are not wrong. But the av­er­age gar­den vis­i­tor with­out a badge has to find the oth­er en­trance.

From the hik­ing track along the polo club there are also typ­i­cal­ly blend­ing-in-with-the-back­ground signs which might not be very op­ti­mal.

Back on track this sign makes sense. It's the en­trances we're in­ter­est­ed in, not the or­ga­ni­za­tion­al units of the uni­ver­si­ty. There is one place, but two seper­ate en­trances.

And we fi­nal­ly made it to the en­trance of the Bo­ta­ni­scher Gar­ten. To bad the gar­den clos­es one hour be­fore sun­set so we had to skip that af­ter find­ing it.

Yes, the sign at the north end of the tun­nel is con­fus­ing and af­ter that the mix of flows doesn't help.


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