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Roland van Ipen­burg
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Democ­ra­cy con­tin­ues

Fri­day 21 Au­gust 2009 01:08

This time the venue had a more rur­al char­ac­ter, more a pitch­fork and torch­es en­vi­ron­ment than AK, and was easy to find on the cor­ner of Bock­horst and the Os­dor­fer Land­straße. It was damn hot though.

The thing was about Schul­re­form­cha­os. I didn't know any­thing about that sub­ject, and the only time I've seen a ger­man school from the in­side was at the last Euro­pean elec­tions, on a Sun­day. But I al­ready had fig­ured out that if the cur­rent sys­tem sucks and you end up about last on the list of Län­der in per­for­mance, why not just copy the sys­tem the num­ber one on that list is us­ing? That's just method­ol­o­gy in­de­pen­dent of the sub­ject. You don't go wast­ing re­sources on in­vent­ing and build­ing your own pet sys­tem from scratch if your goal is only to keep up with oth­ers us­ing known and avail­able sys­tems, and you don't need to take any risk to come up with some­thing that has only a very slight chance of out­per­form­ing all cur­rent­ly known sys­tems. And even if you fail with the copied sys­tem you'll have enough ma­te­r­i­al to quick­ly eval­u­ate the sit­u­a­tion by com­par­ing it to the orig­i­nal and you'll have two par­ties learn­ing from that ex­pe­ri­ence. To me that's just com­mon sense, and in the al­ways not sur­pris­ing way lib­er­als seem to agree with things like that. If you don't be­lieve in mag­ic the op­ti­mal so­lu­tion can be pret­ty easy to find, but if you bring the pos­si­bil­i­ty of fly­ing pigs into the equa­tion you'll be build­ing an­oth­er Elb­phil­har­mo­nie be­fore you know it.

Kat­ja Sud­ing and Sylvia Canel made clear how the aero­dy­nam­ics of the pigs in the pro­posed Schul­re­form will pre­vent the pigs from ever reach­ing the re­quired es­cape ve­loc­i­ty.


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