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Roland van Ipen­burg
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Witts Allee Park­ing

Sun­day 16 Au­gust 2009 22:09

The Witts Allee has some pret­ty con­fus­ing park­ing rules. It nor­mal­ly is a one way street from the Ave­na­ri­us­straße to the Ha­sen­höhe, with the first part be­tween the Ave­na­ri­us­straße and the Mare­do two way, but due to con­struc­tion work in the neigh­bor­hood the first part is now also one way, but in the oth­er di­rec­tion.

We start at Mare­do. At the be­gin­ning of the street it says park­ing be­tween ten in the morn­ing and nine in the evening is only al­lowed for a lim­it of two hours. The ar­rows mean that they mean the left side of the sign, and be­cause the sign is par­al­lel to the length of the street, that doesn't mean the left side of the street.

A bit fur­ther down the street is the oth­er sign with ar­rows point­ing to the right. So the 2 hour rule be­tween ten and nine is only in force be­tween these two signs.

But be­tween the two signs are only about four park­ing spaces.

Then comes a tem­po­rary (for about six months though) sign pro­hibit­ing park­ing along the side of the street al­to­geth­er.

Be­cause the pre­vi­ous sign had an ar­row point­ing to the left, it is ac­com­pa­nied by a sign with an ar­row point­ing to the right a bit fur­ther. Next to it the per­ma­nent sign with the ar­row the oth­er way. There is no park­ing al­lowed here to keep the cor­ner with the Ave­na­ri­us­straße clear.

This part of the street tem­porar­i­ly func­tions as a one way half of the very busy El­bchaussee, so only park­ing in the four slots at the Mare­do is al­lowed.

At the end, which is nor­mal­ly the be­gin­ning, half of the road is closed to avoid hav­ing lost dri­vers en­ter the street in the wrong di­rec­tion.

Where the Ave­na­ri­us­straße hits the Witts Allee the Witts Allee splits into two one way parts.

On the right side of the Witts Allee on the cor­ner of the Ave­na­ri­us­straße starts the next sec­tion of lim­it­ed park­ing. Again lim­it­ed to two hours, but this time only on week­days from eight in the morn­ing till six in the evening.

That part ends be­fore the curve.

On the oth­er side of the road it is al­lowed to park half on the street, half on the side­walk.

So with park­ing al­lowed on two sides of the street that looks like this.

Un­til we get to the curve in the street, where it's not al­lowed to park on the left side of the street.

On the oth­er side in the curve is the half on the side­walk park­ing al­lowed, right of this sign. I seem to have missed the be­gin­ning of that part.

After the curve on the left side of the street the half street half side­walk method of park­ing is al­lowed again. In the curve there's only half on the street parked cars on the right side.

To­tal­ly no park­ing on the left of the sign, semi on the street park­ing on the right. That is the last sign on the left side of the street, un­less some­one is mov­ing or do­ing con­struc­tion work and has put some ex­tra signs up for the oc­ca­sion.

On the right side of the street a sec­tion of lim­it­ed park­ing starts af­ter the curve.

And ends a bit lat­er.

This sec­tion con­tains about five park­ing spaces.

The rest of the street - where I live - is nor­mal. But you're not sup­posed to park on the hexag­o­nal pave­ment, be­cause that's the area need­ed for peo­ple to get out of their dri­ve­ways.


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