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Die Pi­raten­partei

Satur­day 9 May 2009 18:37

If you can't fit your mes­sage on your ban­ner you're a fuc...legaleze

The goals of the Pi­raten­partei Deutsch­land aren't bad. Looks like they know what they are talk­ing about, I know what they are talk­ing about, and I might even vote for them, since I reg­is­tered as a Euro­pean Ger­man vot­er last fri­day.

But if they call them­selves pi­rates, aren't they just a bunch of fuck­wits? They have the ques­tion right there in their FAQ, but they don't even both­er to an­ws­er it cor­rect­ly, or at least they fail for thruthi­ness be­cause of the ob­vi­ous­ly con­ve­nient­ly in­sert­ed "nur" in the ques­tion. Of course pick­ing up the pi­rate theme will make any nor­mal vot­er stay away from it! Iron­ic in-jokes by de­f­i­n­i­tion only work for those al­ready in the spe­cif­ic so­cial group. Most peo­ple aren't even in­ter­est­ed in pol­i­tics any­way, and they will cer­tain­ly not both­er to try to find out that the name of a po­lit­i­cal par­ty has a fucked up iron­ic mean­ing. They aren't go­ing to re­search if per­chance "Die Gruene" isn't ac­tu­al­ly an anti-en­vi­ron­ment par­ty or "Die Linke" may be a right wing par­ty, and any par­ty that thinks they are so spe­cial that peo­ple will both­er to do that re­search for their spe­cial par­ty are a bunch of fuck­wits. Peo­ple won't get it, and the pi­rates won't get their votes.

But more like­ly is that they aren't in­ter­est­ed in the about 95% of the vot­ers who won't get it any­way. Just or­ga­nize some opin­ion enough to get all the priv­i­leges of a po­lit­i­cal par­ty and then avoid tak­ing the re­spon­si­bil­i­ty which might prove you were wrong all the time. The Lovepa­rade was a po­lit­i­cal fes­ti­val so the gov­ern­ment would pick up the bill, that's how things work in Ger­many. And then keep say­ing you're re­al­ly work­ing hard on chang­ing things, but the es­tab­lish­ment keeps you down with all their evil mon­ey. For the rest of your life with a nice bag of mon­ey from the tax­pay­ers. And don't they re­al­ize a coun­try with 20 sin­gle is­sue par­ties in pow­er has ac­tu­al­ly noth­ing in pow­er? Maybe they re­al­ized that, but the oth­er par­ties they could be a part of also thought they were a bunch of fuck­wits and would rather not be as­so­ci­at­ed with them. With friends like that you don't need en­e­mies.

I mean, they are up against this...


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