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Roland van Ipen­burg
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Spec­tro­graph­ing Win­dowlick­er

Tues­day 27 Jan­uary 2009 20:03

I've all my CDs ripped to oggs and served by Me­di­atomb run­ning on my OS X PPC to my Playsta­tion 3 (just to avoid AirTunes). Ok, that was run­ning for a while, but now I looked at the im­port script and found out the whole chain sup­ports a bit of Uni­code. The is­sue is that the Playsta­tion's user in­ter­face is a bit an­noy­ing when you need to scroll through lists of hun­dreds of artists or al­bums, so that's why Me­di­atomb sup­ports cus­tomiz­ing the gen­er­a­tion of these lists through a JavaScript im­port script. Us­ing that script, I now have my mu­sic first di­vid­ed into an in­dex of first let­ters, and the next lev­el is a com­bi­na­tion of al­bums and artists start­ing with that let­ter. But to dis­tin­guish be­tween an artist and an al­bum I want­ed a nice in­di­ca­tor. Which is pos­si­ble be­cause I can edit the im­port.js script as utf-8 and then Me­di­atomb can treat it as utf-8 and the Playsta­tion also does utf-8. So I put in the Uni­code sym­bol for sun ☉ to in­di­cate the en­try is an al­bum, and re­named my serv­er from New York to I♥NY just to check that out. Then I want­ed to get the no­to­ri­ous sec­ond track of Win­dowlick­er right, but that would need MathML be­cause it's a bit to com­pli­cat­ed for just Uni­code. And just be­cause you can't trust a Wikipedia ar­ti­cle, I checked the Spec­tro­graph my­self by open­ing the ripped wav in Son­ic Visu­al­iz­er. Would be nice if the Playsta­tion had a re­al­time spec­to­graph vi­su­al­iz­er in­stead of the just a bit off use­less ones. But the Wikipedia ar­ti­cle is right about the spec­tro­graph:


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