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Sun­day 24 June 2007 15:14

Yeah, it's a Nexus thingy. I had a 1GHz Pen­tium III in an old box, up­grad­ed with every­thing the fall­out of the dot­com hype could pro­vide. But af­ter a while the bear­ings of the fans and disks just go and the noise gets on your nerves. So first I bought a Nexus Breeze case. I could have bought a Dell, which can be re­al­ly silent also, but prob­a­bly only if you do some­thing like read email on it and the CPU us­age is close to 0% and the dri­ves are spun down. I'm us­ing this as a serv­er with SETI run­ning full-time so there are no com­pro­mis­es there. Turned out the old CPU fan caused the most noise, so I up­grad­ed the mobo to some­thing with an­oth­er CPU fan. But the stock In­tel 641 P4 fan try­ing to cool down a SETI run­ning CPU isn't very quit ei­ther. It's cool­ing with bang-bang log­ic and the fan con­stant­ly revving up and down makes a very ir­ri­tat­ing noise. So I bought the Nexus PHT-7750 SkiveTek® Ra­di­al to fix that. Ok, its a EUR 39 fan on a EUR 72 CPU, but it does the trick. Case and CPU fans are very qui­et now, and the Western Dig­i­tal Caviar SE16 is now the most au­di­ble part of the sys­tem. But the lev­el of noise is com­pa­ra­ble to the hiss of my Speed­touch 510 or Linksys WRT54G, who don't even have mov­ing parts in them. Con­clu­sion: I've stopped the noise.


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