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Roland van Ipen­burg
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Am­s­ter­dam Perl Mongers May 2006

Satur­day 6 May 2006 23:05

Turn­ing the Ko­ran into DNA se­quences us­ing Perl, or some­thing. Or whether a dead pix­el some­where along the cen­turies may have caused a dif­fer­ence in the in­ter­pre­ta­tion. Which is pret­ty easy if in com­par­i­son the vi­su­al ap­pear­ance of for ex­am­ple the g and the G don't show they are re­lat­ed. Makes you kind of won­der why we can read this stuff at all...

And the 17th is The 3rd Dutch Perl Work­shop in Delft. I'll be there.


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