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Roland van Ipen­burg
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Boot Camp­ing

Fri­day 7 April 2006 22:45

How big a deal is Ap­ple's Boot Camp any­way? The rea­son I own an iBook is be­cause I want­ed a small, cheap non-Win­dows lap­top. I could've bought a non-Mac and go for a Lin­ux-based so­lu­tion, but I just don't have the time to fid­dle with it to get Lin­ux run­ning com­fort­ably on it, and in the 12" range the only com­pe­ti­tion seemed to be Vaios and oth­er ex­pen­sive gad­gets that are aimed at se­nior man­agers that only read their mail on them.

So would I go for a mul­ti-boot ca­pa­ble In­tel Mac? If I would, I would do it for gam­ing. But I'm not a heavy-user, and the cost of buy­ing a Win­dows li­cense just to run Win­dows on a Mac isn't much fun. I'll prob­a­bly rather take that mon­ey and go for a PSP, or buy an ul­tra cheap PC with Win­dows OEM to do a lit­tle gam­ing. The sit­u­a­tion would be dif­fer­ent for geeks who like to use Adobe stuff on a Mac, and com­bine that with gam­ing on an il­le­gal Win­dows li­cense on LAN par­ties. For them a Mac­book would be ide­al, once Adobe re­leas­es their prod­ucts as UBs.


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Se­bas­ti­aan Smid

Fri­day 21 April 2006 16:52

re: Boot Camp­ing

Hi Roland,

I've sold my do­main squit.nl, please change the URL to http://www.lost­pix­els.nl at the bot­tom Squit is still my nick­name so that one can stay ;)

many thanks in ad­vance


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